Thursday, August 28, 2008

Red Flagging Young Journalists

The biggest challenge facing young journalists today is their inexperience. Anyone can log into their computer and publish articles. Technology has made it very easy for people to express their views. It is just as easy to have those views read by millions of people around the world. This power can often lead to very troubling outcomes. It is this reason that journalistic integrity is in question now more than ever.

I fear there is nothing that can be done to fix this problem.

In our society it is not wrong to say that the more entertaining an article is, the more popular it will be (even if the material lacks validity).

It is this reason that has journalists worrying about their career. Soon, people will only tune into the things they want to hear, rather than the things they need to hear.


My name is Tommy Byrnes and I am new to blogging. I currently attend the University of Southern California, where I am a junior studying at the Annenberg School of Communication. I am a Print Journalism major with aspirations of being a columnist, broadcaster and blogger specializing in sports.

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