Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Green Light

Rush hour traffic in Los Angeles... is there anything worse? Sure, there are plenty of things I would rather not partake in. Rush hour traffic is fun, it's a game. It begins with the on-ramp, soon as the light turns green... the game is on! The car opposite of you is the opponent. The goal is to get to your off-ramp before they reach theirs. With my hands clenching the wheel, I often give a smirk to the driver next to me. Soon as we hit the parking lot of cars trapped on this four lane highway... it is play time. I imagine myself a running back trying to find the open holes in the defense. Aggressiveness is paramount, but patience can also lead to great success in reaching your goal first. As is true in life, you have to be aggressive if you really want something and patient if you want to keep it.

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