Thursday, September 18, 2008

summer heat and mangy fur.

red roses, vanilla extract, cinammon sticks, lavender soap, and green tea
Keen scents that are constantly fused to form luxurious perfumes nationwide.

My favorite scent?

No, it's not cucumber melon.

Nothing smells better than an outgoing puppy after a dip in the pool.
Chlorine and dog hair is quite delightful.

The scent of wet dog is comforting, enchanting, and charming. Growing up, my dog Katie was my best friend. Without hesitation, she would follow me into the pool in the blistering summer heat, splashing and enjoying the cool water. After making her best attempt at the dog paddle (she would usualy end up making erratic splashes), she would jump out of the pool and shower me with wet kisses. Whenever I was done swimming, she was done too.

Within an hour of her dip, the whole house would smell of musty fur. Her mangy coat would leave a mark on the couch, the rug, the potter barn arm chairs- everything. My mom would constantly apologize to guests, "Katie jumped in the pool again. I'm sorry. The cleaning lady is comming tomorrow."

In reality, I think we were the only ones that could smell Katie. No one really complained. The scent reminds me of childhood- the irreplaceable bond between a young child and their first pet.

The smell of wet dog will always bring a smile to my face.

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