Thursday, September 18, 2008

My guilty pleasure is cleaner than yours

Warm laundry.

You know that awful, smelly thing that piles up when you're not looking? That pain-in-the-butt chore that you put off each week? Believe it or not...that's my guilty pleasure. Everyone knows when it's my laundry day. I always seem to have an extra pep in my step and smile on my face. Not to mention, I smell pretty good.

I love it so much that I've made a routine of it. Whether my meticulous laundry habits stem from OCD or undying love, I'm not sure. But here goes:

1. Sort my dirty laundry - darks, whites, reds.
2. Throw each load into a washer for a rinse.
3. Dress my recently stripped bed with a clean set of sheets.
4. Watch my quarter jar decrease as I throw everything into the dryer.
5. Carefully pull the clothes out of the dryer, making sure not to touch the lint trap and taint my fresh, clean clothes.
6. Pop in a Gilmore Girls DVD and get comfortable on the couch.
7. Lay all of my clothes beside me and start folding.

Most people fold their laundry without a care in the world. But the process should embraced. What I usually do is wrap myself up in my bath towel--perfectly warm and smelling of Tide. Then I start with my shirts. Move to my shorts and skirts. The undergarments. And finally, I fold my jeans. Once everything is piled up and categorized it all goes safely into my dresser where it waits for the next (and much anticipated) laundry day.

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