Thursday, September 18, 2008

Livin La Vida Ricky

I love me some Ricky Martin.

Yes, there is something about his perfectly chiseled chin and beautiful smile that gets me all giddy inside. His dashing good looks are complemented by his talent as a singer and songwriter. Okay, so he doesn't write all of his songs by himself, but he tries and that's all that matters.

My love affair with the international pop icon began when I was in 6th grade and "Livin La Vida Loca" was all the rage. I could not deny his gyrating hips and starry eyes. And of course, everytime I listened to the song, I totally believed it was written for me. I mean, how could it have not been?

I had all of his CDs, t-shirts, posters, keychains and treasured them dearly. I would also cut out any and every picture I could find of him and paste it to my diary. I was such a cool kid.

And when I began listening to his Spanish languages CDs (read: every other CD before his American debut), I totally wished I was of Latin decent. lol. Yes, that's right. I totally wanted to be a sexy Latina lover to snag the perfect Latino. This is of course, despite my father's strong insistance that Ricky loved boys and not girls. I totally refused to believe it. And even if it were true if he would only have to take one look at me and it would be a done deal.

While my friends had their crazy fixation on boy band phenomenons Backstreet Boys and 'Nsync, I had eyes for one man and one man only.

Ricky was also was my first. The first popular music performer that I saw in concert of course. My aunty bought me tickets to see my love in person. We never got as close as we should have, but all the way up from the nosebleed seats (and through a pair of binoculars) I could see the ant that was Ricky Martin, the man I was destined to marry. I screamed as much as my pubescent lungs would allow and nearly fainted.

Since then, I've grown up and have learned to hide my undying devotion to the man who shook his hips at and for me. It's not exactly the most impressive watercooler conversation topic.

Recently, the Roman Catholic Church publically condemed him for adopting two children from a surrogate mother who just so happens to be his cousin. But they can stop sipping their haterate. He's beautiful and totally ready to be a loving father. And maybe, he needs a loving mother or at least a nanny to watch over his also beautiful children. And I have a feeling I just might be the right girl for the job.

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